"Waterslides is a falling and plunging, short starts and stops aided by movement, until we splash, climb and plunge again. Each sliding is the same but different—with each descent new expectations and thoughts swirl, shifting focus and gaining new insights or blockages. Waterslides are brief moments of remembering, remembering as a present tense activity, one that happens as we think of it, projected on our now. The waterslide is the moment of past and present working in tandem, a movement of repeating, revisiting and remembering all at once.”

Written by nvk 2021-2023. Dedicated to Judi, MM & TNN.

A version of these poems was published as an audio work through Ignota Press’ The Mountain (2023) and included in a reading with James Loop on Montez Press Radio (2023). nvk would like to thank Jan Matthé, Stine Sampers and Michelangelo Miccolis for their patience & love.

This book was first presented at Kransen in Antwerp, May 6th 2023, with a performance by Sassy (costume by Rosa Schützendorf). Printed and bound at Risiko Press, Borgerhout. Cover image by nvk. Fonts: Adonis, Garamond Pro. Limited to 150 copies.

128x195mm, 16p., stapled, cover: green, yellow and black risoprint on 160gsm caramel paper, inside: black and blue riso on 120gsm Munken Pure paper.

Price: 10€