Allon Kaye
A New Mix in an Old Language

CS90 (with programme repeating on both sides) mixtape by Entr'acte's Allon Kaye, A New Mix in an Old Language. Limited to 50 copies, presented at De Nor on Friday August 17th 2018, after concerts of Miaux and Alvarius B. Covers riso printed at Risiko Press in Borgerhout, dubbed at home on Maxell UR 90 tapes.

Boomkat reviewed it as such:

‘A New Mix In An Old Language’ reels out 45 minutes of prime Israeli new wave/post-punk/synth pop selected and mixed by reputed Entr’acte bossman Allon Kaye. A charming exercise in nostalgia as much as a treasure trove for researchers and diggers.

The title ’A New Mix In An Old Language’ refers to the fact most songs inside are sung and titled in Hebrew, which is arguably a rarity in the swollen reissue market, yet offers no impediment to our enjoyment of the music; a slick blend of sugary pop and disco along with darker, sleazier, rugged strains that recall sounds from the UK, U.S., Germany and the Lowlands between the mid ‘80s and mid ‘90s.

We can point to the few English-titled cuts, DXM’s little known grim grinder ‘Down The Ground’ and the rollicking no wave of Rest/Unrest as highlights, but you’ll just have to check the rest and do a bit of research (like learning a bit of Hebrew) if you want to ID the others.

Listen here: