Jan Matthé

Riso printed in blue at St. Lauri/Plantin & Moretus on Riso RP, Cyclus Offset 90g, found covers red/gray offset with blind spot mirror behind plastic. 90mm x 127mm, 72p, stapled and folded at De Wrikker, Antwerp. Unnumbered edition of approximately 130.

Diary of a year with blind spots (mon. 30.05.2011-wed. 30.05.2012). "Fyrir Tìnum"

Brab is also available at Printed Matter here. What they wrote: "Jan Matthé spent a year considering blind spots in his daily routine, wondering what things he fails or see or sees through strong distortion, specifically in a technological age. This diary is a record of that year, composed of every CAPTCHA password Matthé entered while using different websites. CAPTCHA is a computer challenge-response, prompted when a user enters a website, aimed at determining whether the user is human. CAPTCHA passwords generally consist of visually distorted words which would be illegible to a computer, but which a human can easily decipher and type. Sometimes CAPTCHA words are real words, but often they are merely familiar-looking but nonsensical sequences of letters. The compilation of these words, paired with the time and date of each CAPTCHA test, creates a quasi-narrative. The book is wrapped in commercial packaging for an automotive blind spot mirror."