Für Dich Verlag Nr. 16
Jan Matthé
Don't Read Between my Lines when I'm Sleeping

Riso printed at Risiko Press by Jéhan Mathlié, b&w&blue.
127x170mm, 40p.
Perfect bound at De Wrikker.
Collected and edited in Berlin and Hamburg, Summer 2013. Written by Jan Matthé in St. Lauri 2009-2012. For Teini.

Presented at Het Bos, Antwerp, wednesday May 28th on De Lokale Pers, with a reading by Clodagh Kinsella and Jan Matthé playing prerecorded piano.

“In space
that breathes,
changes. Gracefully
and forgiving
to be
turned over,
the standard
rainbowed words."