Tina Schott
Ein Großes Hallöchen

Digital print, b&w, 142 x 185 mm, 60p. Perfect bound. First edition of 50, second edition of 30.

Artists' book by Tina Schott (D), a smile-inducing documentation of
the one-evening exhibition Ein Großes Hallöchen ("A Big Hello") at Secondroom in Antwerp September 25th 2010, a room sized collage of people waving, saying hello and putting up their hands for whatever other reasons.

From the Printed Matter website: "This publication records an elongated photo-collage that the artist has extended horizontally throughout a domestic interior. Against a backdrop of both white brick and bathroom tile, each page records an ongoing sequence of historical figures seen addressing the public with one arm raised, a survey of salutations in all of their various cultural-political associations. The work is an intimate staging of history; carefully conceived, and beautifully documented."