Für Dich Verlag Nr. 14
Dennis Tyfus
Onder De Titels (28/03/13-29/04/06)

Riso printed by Risiko Press on Cyclus Offset 90g
125mm x 200mm, 180p.
Text and cover drawing by Dennis Tyfus
Layout by Oliver Ibsen and Jan Matthé.
Perfect bound by De Wrikker
Unnumbered edition of 150
Special numbered edition of 15 (and 5 AP) with silkscreened dust jackets, an Addendum Tiefhuys and a button with "dt-fouten" handmade by Dennis Tyfus, stitched by Teini Schott (sold out).

7 years of titles (ramblings, dreams, quotes, wisdom, apologies) and their respective dates in 180 pages. Dedicated to De Nieuwe Spelling.

Review by Marc Goethals in Flemish art magazine De Witte Raaf here.